Late post but passed by my boy Wes‘ (and a handful of others) mural on Haight St. on 4/20. I know everyone (Bay heads) has seen this one time or other when shopping for records or getting kicks but now you can put a name to tag. On an unrelated note, Wes’ brother is none other then Bay tablist Mike Relm from the now defunked Supernatural Turntable Artists with Streak and Swift Rock. Hip-hop runs thick in their blood I guess. Both got skills to pay the bills! And on the opposite side of Haight near Stussy SF is a piece by Ghost. Dude had a show there a couple of months ago so I assume they let him go off and do a legal to promote the show. He actually has another show right now going on in Seattle at the BLVD Gallery. Peep the pics here via Hypebeast.

This store was poppin’ on the national day of smoking trees. Never would have seen the day where you can look up a shop in the phone book and find Puff Puff Pass. Blunted entrepeneurs at its finest.

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