Kickin’ it with the roomie on a glorious Sunday afternoon (after a long night of drunkeness yesterday, thanks Michelle). Decided to cross the other bridge and have some lunch in the small town of Saucalito. Just talk jibber-jabber, suck on Mocha-Lattes, eat burgers and french fries….you know, shoot the breeze for what it is. Take ease into the wind and enjoy simple pleasures.

Then crusin’ down inland, we visited Fort Funston which is about a couple miles from Ocean Beach. The central hub for hang gliding in the Bay Area but for some apparent reason, there seemed to be an issue with the wind that grounded most aviators. Still, a sight to see for sure. This was actually a look out point for naval attacks by American enemies. The deck you see above is one of many base end stations that 3-4 soldiers would occupy during the time of World War II.

By the end of the day, I managed to end up at the new Volcom store in Berkeley where they had a past showing for Todd Bratrud lizard bitches. Taking naked green women to a whole new level, even surpassing the weirdness of captain Kirk boning those green whores in that one Star Trek episode where he played with some furry balls. Still, dope shit and like most famous well known artist, you just need to find your nitch in the industry and maybe one day you’ll end up making some lizard print bikini outfit and have your own trucker hat to boot. Go figure…right? Check out the show at the shop in Telegraph and grab a signed screen print of your favorite lizard girl for only $25.

And is sneaker culture huge? Huge enough to make a play about it? You got it! Just as a plug and an FYI, Emerging Works presents “Sole Addiction. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, a play written by Kevin Palafox, Benji Carver and Kevin Palafox. Shows starting on April 29th, 30th and May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at Chabot College at the Little Theater Bulding #1300. Start time is at 7:30pm with a $5 admission with all proceeds going back to the theater department. Shouts to Kevin for the good looks and good luck on the big stage.

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