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May 5, 2013

The Year End Review: 2012 Photo Edition

December 30, 2012

Believe it or not, I took the least amount of photos this year then any other year prior. It bums me out that photo blogs are becoming the dinosaur of social mediums on the internet. People are looking for quicker gratifications and it is just something you can’t compete with if you want to cherish each photo you take. But as I look at my “oh so decent” photos below, it pleases me that my little efforts were there the whole time. All of these photos kill any of my Instagram photos. I know, a bad comparison but sadly I put the same amount of effort into each photo even if it is just one cell phone shot. It makes me realize that this hobby still hasn’t escaped me. With a new camera and a lens to start off the year (I’ll miss my Nikon), I will reinstate my 2012 new year’s resolution to the 2013 year in wanting to take more photos then ever for this blog. Since I been close to turdness in being the laziest I have ever been this past week, I untraditionally leave with just a photostream of some of the best photos I have shot this year. Here they are in sequential order:

Again I would like to thank anyone and everyone that takes time to stop by to view this site. I tip a glass in your honor. Here’s to the new 2013 year!

People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm

June 27, 2012

My week long stay-cation started Monday and I have a whole lot of nothing to do to catch up on. Day 1: Let’s act like I own a $1500 bike and put it to good use.

I think I only covered about a 1 mile radius from my block to the GG park. It’s hard to try and enjoy a ride all while trying to be photographer at the same time.

And a hi-five to the person that can guess what lens I shot this picture with. Hint: Tomorrow I am going to have some neat landscape shots around the city.

Up North Trip

May 28, 2012

People say a person’s photography is measured by their composition. You see, the reason why photographer’s hate fisheye photos is how it lacks a sense of creativity within your subject matter and it’s surroundings. Shooting with it is as simple as this, shoot what you see and atmospherical bend will literally take care of there rest. To cut shit to the point, my two straight lenses were “ganked” upon my lack of supervision, so this blog will now be a 100% fisheye photos.

Nothing To See Here

May 20, 2012

Purple Haze

November 27, 2011

Broke out my bike today and did my own art walk in the Mission. You’d be amazed what kind of talent is out there and how people do this just for the hell of it.

Haze X HUF skate deck from a black friday sale. Eric Haze is someone that I’ve admired since my days. Truly a stand out in the industry of graphics and arts.

Real Locc’d Out Gz

April 3, 2011

You’d be surprised the power of self loathing on the internet. I blanked out last weekend for a split second and next thing you know, all tickets were sold out for the Real premiere at the Victorian Theater. I carefully stated my opinions on the Slap Forum when I get a pm message that stated “I got you” from the co-owner of Real Skateboard. Thanks Jim…that was pretty fucking awesome of you!

Met up with Phunky Phil and sat in the balcony section of the theater. If you look at the bottom right hand corner, that’s Julien Stranger.

Another group for the ages. Ray Barbee, Matt Rodriguez and Tommy Guerrero all jamming it up like it was prom night in the 50′s.

It’s hard to be Warriors fan. Every year, just battling the curses of fucked up management, ridiculous trade offers, and just the inconsistencies of playing a good game off and on the road. This is my fourth and last game of the season.

Thanks to my man Hobby Wonders for the free lower level tickets. Life must be treating you good when you’re cutting it up on the big screen in front of thousands of people at the Oracle Arena.

And what do you know, these bitches actually won that night thanks to Monta with his 32 point game.

Summer is coming!

Drivin’ Me Wild

February 21, 2011

I’ve stayed strong with this whole thing. The other day I kind of looked at the shit and said I am over it. Throw the shit on e-bay and let some other fucker take care of this mess. Take my $600 earnings and get some booze, buy some thumbtacks, go to a Chinese restaurant and place the tacks on some chairs and cowardly watch a bunch of asians shout “eye-yah!” as their butts get penetrated by my sense of humor. That’s probably what I should have done. Yeah…that sounds pretty good.

But it seems like this fix won’t go away till this thing gets completed. Finally, the super pista is starting to take shape but it’s far from putting any pedal to the metal. Bought some cheap rims (and understatement really) at Avenue Cyclery today and my crankset should be coming in the mail hopefully sooner then later. I think that only leaves the cog, seatpost, bottom bracket, pedals, saddle, handlebar grips and I should be set to go. But then I could put all this shit on e-bay and let some other fucker take care of this mess. Take my $800 earnings and get some booze and…

God damn it.

UPDATE: I’ve been working on this thing the whole weekend. I finally got my package in the mail, got a couple of more Craigslist acquisitions, put in a little time and effort and with the aid of some youtube videos guides, its pretty much gotten me to here. Guess what the last part I need?

FINAL UPDATE: 2011 Bianchi Super Pista…done! Finally got my Scram chain. Enough with this fairy shit…

The Process Of The Reprocess

January 19, 2011

Back a couple of weeks before my epiphany with this bike shit, I went to chat with Ube Urban down at his operations in the Richmond District.

Ube is many things but overall, I would classify him as a professional. As I would learn, there is a whole method to his madness in creating these stellar customs which is partially credited to his design background. It all starts with a drawing and a vision. One thing that was enforced onto me is that literally any idea can become a reality. A battle of words ensues between customer and creator and when everything is said and done, a blueprint is carefully mapped out for the painting process to begin.

The final product is nothing short of amazing. You would never know that this Peugeot frame went through the mill to become where it is. Not only does it achieve that classic bike look but when the light hits the paint just at that right angle, you get a glance of that candy painted sparkle that Ube dubs as the ice cream treatment. It’s a custom 1 of 1 that no one will ever have but the owner of this bike.

Which then leaves me to this picture. With only 2 rides on my Pista Chrome, I realized that “my vision” wouldn’t get to where it would be unless I start from the ground up. Instead of doing a rebuild on a used bike, I sold her back into the Craigslist market and purchased this monster. I would like to send my dearest apologies to Ube for pretty much wasting your time. Maybe later down the road, we’ll do a project together.

Till then…here’s to the start of my motherfucking ending. Man…what did I get myself into.

A Couple Of Things

January 9, 2011

Deda Pista Stem (new: $150-180/my price:$80). I’ve actually bought a bunch of things for my bike but I am having a epiphany about my ride. It’s a long story but let’s just say a lot of things are going back on Craigslist.

HUF Hupper (new: $80.00/my price: $42). HUF from the ground up. It’s evident that this shoe is something of a start up project. It almost feels K-Martish in a way. Just a lot of things seem generic to the touch, but I am sure that is something they will tighten up as their seasons progress.

FTC X Alex Trochut (new: $60.00/my price: Free). Another outstanding graphic for the SF skateshop kings. If you look closely at the gibberish, you can actually see FTC spelled in it.

Did you see it? Look harder.